Custom Artwork

a+a Studio creates custom artwork for clients who seek original compelling imagery that express their message and engages their targeted audience. We offer two forms of custom artwork: ABSTRACT ART and specialized ‘NARRATIVE COLLAGES’ that visually tell stories of businesses, organizations, products, personal lives, and special events.

To produce works of art that meet project goals, we implement a collaborative design process. This means we work closely with clients to understand the intended use of the artwork and the desired visual message. Clients love our inclusive design process and, quite frankly, we feel the same way.

Each layered work of art we create is first digitally developed in our studio. This gives us much control over each composition, its color palette and its dimensions. Working digitally also gives us the opportunity to offer completed works of art in two general formats: PRINTED and DIGITAL. When it comes to printing our artwork, we partner with commercial printers who work with high quality materials, generating stunning art installations or producing elegant limited edition prints. We also offer digital copies of our artwork to clients for use in social media posts, marketing campaigns (digital or print) or as wall projections. Please visit our Formats & Applications page for more information.

a+a Studio’s custom artwork visually expresses our clients and their messages, no matter where and how the artwork is integrated in the environment. It just can’t get more personal than that. If you have a potential project in mind, please contact us to discuss how a+a Studio can create a stunning work of art that meets your targeted goals.

Design Process

We work collaboratively with clients to create custom works of art. Please visit our Design Process page to learn more about our inclusive design process.

Narrative Collages

Narrative Collages are layered, visual stories. Please visit our Narrative Collages page to learn more about these highly personalized works of art.

See Our Projects

We have worked on a number of projects and have worked with a range of clients. Please visit our Projects for more information.

Working with Dee was a great experience, and we ended up with a wonderful addition to our new Headquarters. Dee took the time to understand our business and process and incorporated elements into the artwork to tell a relevant story about our company in addition to enhancing the aesthetic of our space.— NIKOS RIDGE, CEO & CO-FOUNDER, Ninkasi Brewing Co