Do you have a compelling story to tell? Perhaps it’s your company’s story. Perhaps it’s your business product or your organization’s mission. Or maybe you have a more personal story to tell about your career or family history. We all have important, distinctive stories to tell – ones we want to share with others.

Artistically Expressing Your Story

Traditionally, people tend to rely on words, photographs and/or logos to convey their messages. At a+a Studio, however, we offer a very different and powerful form of story telling called Narrative Collage. These are highly personalized works of art that are layered with realistic and symbolic imagery that is deeply meaningful to – and representational of – our clients. Narrative Collages are bold forms of visual communication that can also express visual identity.

These one of a kind works of art can express:

  • Company products
  • Mission statements

  • Vision statements
  • Business histories

  • Strategic plans
  • Professional careers

  • Weddings & Marriages
  • Personal histories

Narrative Collages

Collaborative Process

Narrative Collages are effective at story telling because of our clients’ involvement in their creation. We work with individuals and groups by means of a collaborative, linear design process in which our clients offer their history, their perspective, an array of imagery and their continuous feedback. In fact, we consider our clients co-artists of our Narrative Collages because of their essential and valued input.

Narrative Collages


Narrative Collages are digitally created. This fluid medium gives us much control over our artwork’s imagery, dimensions, and color palette. Working digitally also gives us much latitude with respect to the application and use of the completed artwork. For example, Narrative Collages can take on many forms:

  • 2-D Art Installations
  • Marketing campaigns

  • 3-D Art Installations
  • Social media

  • Limited edition prints
  • Printed merchandise

  • Digital projections
  • More…