What kinds of projects does a+a Studio work on?

a+a Studio creates custom artwork for a wide range of projects. Because we digitally design our artwork, we can commercially print our images on an array of exciting materials — large and small — for art installation projects. We can also give a digital copy of our artwork to our clients to incorporate into their marketing materials, social media, or to print on merchandise. Lastly, we can design limited edition prints for clients who want to give personalized prints to their special donors, customers, or associates.

How long does it take a+a Studio to create a piece of art?

a+a Studio can produce a commissioned piece of art in a matter of weeks. For larger, more complex pieces, it can longer. However, if a client purchases an existing image, it can be completed within days.

Can I purchase an existing image posted on your website?

Yes, unless a contract with the original client prohibits the sale.

How big is your artwork?

Because a+a Studio’s artwork is produced digitally, image dimensions can vary — from very small to mural size. And, if needed, dimensions to an existing image can be adjusted to fit a specific installation space. Dimension restrictions may occur due to printing and/or material limitations.

I like an image on your website but the colors won’t work in my space. Can this be adjusted?

Yes. Because a+a Studio develops its work digitally, colors can be adjusted (such as the example below) to suit your specific setting.




a+a Studio

Can you provide multiple images and/or triptychs?

Absolutely. Depending on the space(s) in your business or home, it may be determined that a series of images is the best solution for your project.

How do you create your art?

Working collaboratively with clients, a+a Studio uses a multi-step, creative process to produce our artwork. Initial design sketches move into digital format where the artwork becomes layered and refined. After much thoughtful development, the completed artwork can either be handed to our client as a digital file for their use in social media and/or in printed marketing materials. If we create artwork as an installation, the finalized piece becomes commercially printed and professionally installed.

What are your fees?

Fees are based on factors such as the project’s complexity, number of pieces created per project, and artwork dimensions. Therefore, projects are individually priced.

Do you provide services outside of Oregon?

Yes! a+a Studio is available to work with out-of-state clients and can incorporate the use of Skype, email, and other digital tools to assist in the design process.

Is your artwork archival quality?

Yes. Artwork printed on archival papers using archival inks is considered archival and will be enjoyed for generations to come. Other materials we offer may not necessarily be archival, but they are very durable and long lasting. Please contact us for detailed information on the many available materials.

Do you install your work?

Although a+a Studio does not install artwork, it takes the installation process — and the necessary hardware — into consideration during the design phase of each project to ensure your work will be ready for a professional and efficient install. Additionally, we often help coordinate the installation process by working with — and scheduling — the necessary installation professionals.

Do you provide framing services?

a+a Studio provides framing consultation services for all frameable art and can arrange to have your work professionally framed.

Do you mail your artwork?

Yes. a+a Studio is happy to package, insure, and ship its artwork to out of town clients.

What does the ‘a+a’ in your business name represent?

It represents a+a Studio’s driving passions: Art and Architecture.