At a+a Studio, we design stunning, custom artwork that expresses our clients’ messages. To achieve this, we work closely with clients throughout our entire design process. This collaborative relationship gives us the opportunity to tailor our designs according to our clients’ needs and interests. Our artwork is digitally developed which gives us fluid and precise control over our imagery. Working digitally also enables us to extend our creative decisions into the production phase where we work with commercial printers who can print our images in a variety sizes and on a range of materials. Examples of how our clients incorporate our custom artwork:

  • 2-D Art installations
  • Marketing campaigns
  • 3-D Art installations
  • Printed merchandise
  • Limited edition prints
  • Digital projections
  • Social media
  • More…

Our Design Process

At a+a Studio, we design our artwork by working collaboratively with our clients and, at times, with other design team members such as architects and interior designers. We gather a wide range of project-related information, develop sketches, refine our design, and receive feedback from our clients and other participants throughout all phases of design and production. We love this effective and inclusive process, as do our clients. More information on this process can be found here.

Custom Artwork displayed in Portland Oregon Office

Narrative Collages

A specialized subset of custom artwork a+a Studio creates is called Narrative Collages. These are highly personalized works of art that are layered with realistic and symbolic imagery that is meaningful to our clients. Narrative Collages tell stories of businesses, products, organizations, and individuals. You can learn more about Narrative Collages here.

Our Clients

a+a Studio works with clients who represent a wide range of professions and backgrounds. We work with individuals, user groups and committees. We also collaborate with other design professionals such as architects and interior designers. Our clients come from a number of fields:

  • Commercial
  • Public
  • Residential 
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Retirement

Working Digitally

For us, creating our artwork in a sophisticated digital program is a very exciting process. This fluid medium gives us much control over our artwork’s dimensions, as well as its color palette and overall imagery. We layer our digital works with colors, textures, forms, symbolism, painterly gestures, patterns, and other artistic effects. We can create artwork that is calm and conservative or we can produce something that is complex and vibrant. Working digitally gives us the ability to adjust all aspects of our artwork until our clients are satisfied. And, when a digital work of art is completed, it can either be used in digital form or printed at many scales and on a wide range of materials. 

Substrates & Applications

Our custom artwork may be applied in several formats such as art installations (2-D or 3-D), printed marketing materials, digitally, or printed on merchandise. When professionally printing our artwork, there are a number of exiting commercial materials from which to choose. These materials break down into two groups: rigid and flexible. You can learn more about printing substrates and installation options here.