Installation Options

At a+a Studio, we love having the opportunity to create beautiful, personalized artwork for our clients. We digitally design our artwork which gives us the opportunity to offer highly personalized artwork with a number of uses and installation options. For example, we design and oversee the production of art installations, large and small. We also create custom artwork that is given to our clients as a digital file so that they can incorporate it into their marketing campaigns and other materials:

  • 2-D Art installations
  • Print campaigns
  • 3-D Art installations
  • Social media 
  • Limited edition prints
  • Merchandise
  • Digital projections
  • More…

Exciting Printing Materials

a+a Studio teams up with commercial printers who take our digital artwork and move it into the production phase by printing our work in a range of sizes and on a selection of materials. The size of a final, produced work of art and the substrate(s) on which it is printed is dependent on clients’ interests and on other project influences, such as installation environment details. The materials on which our work can be printed break down into two groups, rigid and flexible. Examples include:

Rigid Materials

  • Metal panels
  • Acrylic


  • Wood 
  • Cardboard

Flexible Materials

  • Wallpaper
  • Fabrics


  • Canvas
  • Fine Art Paper

2-D and 3-D Installations

After our artwork is printed on a 2-dimensional (2-D) material, it is prepped for installation and the piece is professionally installed. 2-D installations can be comprised of one printed substrate or, for larger 2-D installations, several substrates are combined in the same plane.

We also create 3-D installations. This occurs when a work of art is printed on more than one substrate (using the same or different materials) and combined on different planes. 

Range of Scales

We create artwork that ranges in scale from very small to very large. We produce anything from small prints to large installations that cover entire walls. No artwork installation is too large or too small for us, so please contact a+a Studio if you have a custom art project in mind!

Artwork Installations