Design Process

a+a Studio works closely with clients – and often with design teams, such as architects, interior designers, and building owners – while guiding projects through a collaborative, linear design process. We rely on the continuous and valuable input we receive from our clients throughout the design and, because of this, we consider our clients co-artists of our work. Our clients love our inclusive process and are thrilled to watch the evolution of their custom artwork unfold. 

Artwork Design Process

Our design steps include: 

  • Gather client and project information
  • Study the installation space, if applicable
  • Develop a design ‘program’ for the project
  • Create a conceptual, digital design
  • Refine the digital design 
  • Obtain client approval of the final design
  • Artwork as an installation: we coordinate the commercial printing of the artwork & oversee its professional installation 
  • Artwork for print & digital campaigns: a digital file of the approved artwork is given to the client for its unlimited use

Commercial Printing Materials:

a+a Studio’s creative decisions don’t stop when a design is completed, but are extended into the production and installation phases. Here, we partner with the finest commercial printers to guarantee professionally finished artwork of exceptional quality. Artwork can be printed in a range of sizes and on a number printing materials. Installation options also vary. Artwork may be printed on 2-dimensional (2-D) substrates and installed as individual pieces or grouped with other substrates to form a large 2-D piece. We also produce 3-D installations by combining and joining substrates in different planes. Printing material choices include:

  • Metal panels
  • Acrylic panels
  • Archival fine art paper
  • Canvas
  • Plywood & other rigid panels
  • Ceramic tile
  • Exterior-grade materials
  • Vinyl & Wallpaper
  • More…